DataRoad provides secure access to all your “dark data” behind your firewalls.

By Carl Mattocks, Jacobus Geluk

DataRoad serves as a global data logistics system, connecting seamlessly to any data source on any device, including secure and compliant access to all your “dark data” behind your firewalls.

Data Sphere

Dark DataSphere is a space for information that has lost value over time. Due to:

  • Temporal Log of transformations is underutilized, absent or incomplete.
  • Diverse Format structures and representation across data types.
  • Context History gap with lost metadata due to system migration.
  • Forensic Element inaccuracies in fingerprints and other traces of grid point usage.
  • Anthropological Inconsistencies for user populations, activity patterns and occupations.

Digital Evidence

Digital evidence consists of clues, patterns, and factors presented as epistemic value proofs. Creation entails:

  • Forensic Scan that detects evidence in emails, text messages, photos, videos, files.
  • Cybercrime Investigation for malicious activity, intellectual property theft, data leakage.
  • Chronological Reconstruction for specific information production causation events.
  • Provenance Accountability history having data lineage sequence leading to current state.
  • Chain of Custody tracking of evidence handling from collection to presentation.
  • Origin Trail with timestamp and locations used for creating, modifying, transferring.
  • Relationship Map of usage ordering constraints that are data dependencies.