Secure Connectivity, Compliance, and Traceability.

By Carl Mattocks

DataRoad’s distributed computing network guarantees secure connectivity while upholding compliance with local regulations, policies, and ethics.

It caters to diverse industries, addressing mission-critical business requirements by orchestrating data retrieval, transportation, and matching for traceability and compliance at an atomic level.

Policy Identity

Policy identity and persona are powerful elements of use case scenarios that represent how different stakeholder objectives are impacted by applied boundaries:

  • Self-sovereign Identity gives individuals control over information used to prove who they are.
  • Persona Profile has characteristics, goals, behaviors that are shared by groups of individuals.
  • Identity Behavior represents persona usage of use case contextual data by known identities.
  • User Experience has planned persona interactions that align with use case scenario outcomes.
  • Transparent Accountability policies are clear about the handling of data points.
  • Policy Enforcement employ mechanisms that prevent prohibited outcomes.
  • Guardrail Implication identifies when policy enforcement requires one or more boundary controls.
  • Risk Area is a measure of real-world policy weaknesses that is used to formulate refinements.
  • Data Robustness assumes reusable data points retain stability and use case performance survives.
  • Iterative Feedback evaluates whether accuracy, efficiency, agility meets stakeholder needs.
  • Evolving Landscape recognize persona behaviors, identity recognitions, enforcement mechanisms.

Data Sovereign

Data Sovereign scenarios are designed to simulate how individuals with a data ownership persona maintain the right to govern usage by policy mechanisms that enforce access on their terms:

  • Persona Location permissions comply with jurisdictional sphere regulations and data protection laws.
  • Identity Verification ensures the legitimacy of individuals granted granular data access.
  • Bias Assessment risk ensures appropriateness of persona-based policy enforcement.
  • Evolving Profile ensures continued relevance and effectiveness in policy enforcement.
  • Segment Empathy policies reflect persona psychographics relatable to realistic scenarios.