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Data Economy

Companies around the world use DataRoad's
Data Logistics & Data Trading services as guardrails for AI.

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Designed for business teams like yours

Introducing DataRoad, the ultimate global data logistics infrastructure that seamlessly connects all your data sources and applications, transcending traditional silos, data lakes, and data warehouses. With DataRoad, unlock the potential of "dark data" hidden behind firewalls, enabling secure and compliant data monetization and trading, ushering in a new era of transformative use cases.

Data Sovereignty

Empowering Control and Ownership of Data Usage

Data sovereignty is about keeping your data under your control. This means you decide who can access it, how it is used, and where it is stored. By embracing data sovereignty, you can protect your privacy, security, and the integrity of your information.


Data Sphere

Redefining Data Exchange for a Trustworthy, Real-time, and Distributed World.

Embrace the future of data exchange with DataRoad, a transformative infrastructure designed to revolutionize your data ecosystem. One of its most remarkable features is the global "Data Sphere." This visionary capability sets DataRoad apart, enabling seamless, real-time, and distributed DataLinkage on a global scale. Experience a reliable worldwide infrastructure that transcends jurisdictional boundaries, effortlessly facilitating the retrieval and exchange of any data, be it regulated, protected, or "dark data." DataRoad's decentralized approach ensures trust and security, giving you complete control over your data while enabling access to diverse services, including AI, with strict adherence to policies and regulations.

Reuse Power

Introducing the power of reuse that DataRoad enables

Embrace the transformative power of reusability, in many dimensions, fueling boundless potential in your data journey. Empower yourself–and AI–to effortlessly assemble reusable data components, knowledge, services, and use case elements, sparking unparalleled innovation. Experience a world where interconnected data drives transformation, igniting new markets and revolutionary ventures with trust and immediacy. Embrace reusability within DataRoad, where collective optimization and prosperity fuel your path towards a data-driven future.

Data Logistics

DataRoad is a groundbreaking Data Logistics™ infrastructure that empowers universal connectivity and dynamic data transformation. It serves as a comprehensive real-time distributed knowledge graph for digital information, facilitating seamless sharing and compliance enforcement across jurisdictions. With self-describing data, DataRoad enables on-demand transformation, matching, and linking to suit the specific requirements of any application.

Unlock Dark Data

DataRoad serves as a global data logistics system, connecting seamlessly to any data source on any device, including secure and compliant access to all your “dark data” behind your firewalls.

Policy Enforcement

Secure Connectivity, Compliance, and Traceability

DataRoad's distributed computing network guarantees secure connectivity while upholding compliance with local regulations, policies, and ethics. It caters to diverse industries, addressing mission-critical business requirements by orchestrating data retrieval, transportation, and matching for traceability and compliance at an atomic level.

End-to-End Data Sovereignty

Unleash the power of DataRoad to embrace full data sovereignty and achieve unparalleled clarity through machine-readable meaning and model-driven use cases, workflows and user interfaces. As a customer, you retain complete control and ownership over your data, ensuring its integrity and context, whether you're an individual or a company. DataRoad goes beyond mere registration and tracking, leveraging machine-readable meaning to enhance the clarity of data context at an atomic level. By harnessing this advanced capability, you become a catalyst for innovation and transformative insights. Collaborative data sharing further enhances the potential for high data reuse. DataRoad pioneers a global marketplace for data and data rights, providing protection and unlocking new opportunities within the data-driven economy, where data serves as a valuable asset, fortified by its machine-readable meaning, enabling unparalleled clarity and understanding.

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Guardrails for AI: Empowering Secure Interoperability and Collaboration across Diverse AI Ecosystems

In the realm of AI governance, DataRoad emerges as a pivotal infrastructure, fostering the secure utilization of multiple AI systems from diverse vendors. It serves as a robust framework, fostering seamless interoperability between h umans and AI across mission-critical business use cases. DataRoad's comprehensive capabilities encompass rigorous checks for compliance, ethics, secrecy, policy enforcement, and access entitlements, not only for data feeding into AI but also for the outputs generated by diverse AI systems. Each question posed during interactive conversations undergoes meticulous scrutiny. By integrating DataRoad into the AI ecosystem, organizations foster a safe environment where various AI solutions collaborate harmoniously, transcending vendor boundaries.

Moreover, DataRoad strives to achieve the highest level of maturity in overall data management, empowering businesses to optimize their data strategies and unlock the full potential of AI while upholding integrity and security.

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