The global data economy is driven by expansive aspirations. Many are for digital technologies that accelerate research, scale efficiently, reduce risk, protect assets, collaborate seamlessly and comply with local regulations, policies, and ethics. Some are focused on enhancing product consumer benefits associated with tailored experiences, bespoke offerings, personalized prices, sustainable choices, appropriate educations, and consent capabilities that enforce sovereignty agreements for use of personal and smart device information.



DataRoad believes that a global growth in data consumption will fuel the demand for innovative Data Economy products and services. Which must facilitate a rapid growth in concept ideation, raw data collection, value addition, product assembly and monetization models. At a minimum, the building blocks must support a highly optimized infrastructure that transports digital products from point A to B at a cost that is calculated by precision pricing.

Data Sovereignty

Data Sphere

Reuse Power

Data Logistics

Unlock Dark Data

Policy Enforcement


  • is a specialist consultancy that designs and implements enterprise knowledge graphs
  • OMG Standards Development Organization
  • EKGF Enterprise Knowledge Graph Foundation
  • GLEIF Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation
  • EDMCouncil FIBO Financial Industry Business Ontology
  • W3C World Wide Web Consortium